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LCD-Screen-RepairCell Phone LCD Screen Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Blank LCD, Broken Screen, Damaged Display, White or Black Screen With No Image (Does Not Include Parts)

Blank Cell Phone LCD Screen
Cracked Cellular Phone Display Screen
Bleeding Smashed Cellphone LCD Screen
Broken Bleeding Cell Phone Display Screen

Don’t Worry We Can Fix It

 screen repair Touch-Screen-Digitizer-RepairCell Phone Touch Screen Glass Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Cracked Window Lens, Broken Top Screen, Damaged Touch Screen Digitizer (Does Not Include Parts)Broken Cell Phone Top Glass Digitizer
Cracked, Shattered Cell Phone Touch Screen
Cellphone Touchscreen Not Sensitive Enough
Cellular Phone Top Screen Doesn’t Respond To TouchDon’t Worry We Can Fix It
 charging prob Charger-Connector-RepairCell Phone Charger Connector Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Broken Charge Port, Loose USB Connector Not Working, Cellphone Not Charging (Does Not Include Parts)

Cell Phone Power Source Not Working
Bent or Broken Cell Phone Charging Port
Cell Phone Usb Connector Pins Not Charging
Cell Phone Power Contact Pins Do Not Touch
Loose or Broken Cellphone Charger Port Contacts

 water damage phone

Water-Damage-RepairCell Phone Water Damage Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Liquid Damaged Cell Phone; Partially Wet, In and Out of the Pool, Submerged in Liquid (Does Not Include Parts)

Cell Phone Not Working After Contact With Water
Cellular Phone Got Wet And Now Turns On And Off
Moisture Damage From Hot Tub Shorting Cellphone Out
Accidentally Washed Cell Phone In The Washing Machine
Spilled coffee, soda, water on your cellular phone
Jumped In The Pool With The Phone In My Pocket
Baby Chewing On The Cellphone And Now It Doesn’t Work


Speaker-Microphone-Ringer-RepairCell Phone Speaker, Microphone, Ringer Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Defective Earpiece Speaker, Microphone, Ringer and Loud Speaker (Does Not Include Parts)

Can’t hear the caller from my earpiece speaker.
Caller cannot hear me talking into my cellular phone mic.
My cell phone doesn’t ring when people call me.
When I try to use my hands free speaker I can’t hear anything.Don’t Worry We Can Fix It

 keypad repair

Keypad-Keyboard-RepairCell Phone Keypad Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Keyboard Malfunction, Buttons Not Clicking, Power Key No Working, Keypad Not Responding (Does Not Include Parts)

The buttons on my cell phone keypad don’t click.
Keypad clicks but nothing registers on the phone.
Cellphone keyboard is too sensitive, it registers some numbers several times when pressed only once.
I have to press the numbers very hard in order for anything to come up on the cellular phone screen.

 case Housing-Case-RepairCell Phone Housing Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Broken Housing, Cracked Faceplate, Broken Back Housing (Does Not Include Parts)The case on my cell phone is broken.
Cellphone Housing has cracks all over.
Flip phone broken in two pieces and hanging by a cable.
Cellular phone antenna won’t stay in.Don’t Worry We Can Fix It
 antenna Antenna-Reception-RepairCell Phone Antenna, Reception, Low Signal Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Dropped Calls, Poor Reception, No Signal Bars, Wifi & Bluetooth Antenna (Does Not Include Parts)No cell phone reception, no bars.
Signal strength goes constantly goes up and down.
Poor sound quality during a phone call.
When trying to make a phone call it says “Call Failed”
Can’t connect to an external Wifi or Bluetooth
 power prob lem No-Power-RepairCell Phone No Power Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Cellphone Not Turning On, Shorting Out, Overheating, Turning On & Off (Does Not Include Parts)Cell Phone does not Power Up – Cell Phone Shorts Out, Turns On and Off – Cell Phone Overheats

Camera-Camcorder-RepairCell Phone Camera, Video Repair Service. Evaluation & Repair Fee for Defective Camera, Non Responsive Video, Fuzzy Camera Image, No Video or Sound When Recording Video (Does Not Include Parts)

My Cell Phone Camera Won’t Start
Nothing Happens When I Take a Picture
I dropped My Cellphone and the Camera Broke

I Can’t Shoot Videos With My Cell Phone




pinkycell.in mobile phone servicing center in kolkata

Pinky electronics  is a truly unique CELL REPAIRING CENTER and first face2face Advance LAB in providing all your phone repair needs.

All our engineers are well verse and equipped with many years of experience in Samsung galaxy, Sony xperia, Micromax , HTC, Nokia,all tablets,iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC and all other phone brands.

Specialize in Basic and Advance (Chip Level Repair) diagnose in both software and hardware, which is beyond the capabilities of most Repair Center in KOLKLATA. An inexperience hands can easily damage your phone beyond repair.

We are equipped with up-to-date comprehensive advance repair equipments, tools & software…

All repair works are render face2face in front of you, through the glass panel so to ensure your personal data & parts are in safe hands. We do not subcontract repair works and service complex repair works fr other Repair Centers.

We provide free diagnosis for all our customers. There is no charge if the phone is not fix..

Basic repair works:-
(90% of kolkata repair centre including online store have a basic knowledge to service likely Samsung galaxy, Sony xperia, Micromax , HTC, Nokia,all tablets, iPhone, iPad & iTouch up to this level.

Note: An inexperience hand may damage your phone or loss your data.)

iphone repairing in kolkata

¤ Digitizer & LCD – Touchscreen & Display faulty/ crack
¤ Audio/ MIC – Headphone jack, Volume, Mic, Speaker faulty/ no sound
¤ Button Replacement – Crack, drop off, unresponsive
¤ Battery Replacement – Fast battery drain
¤ Charging & Sync – Charging and undectectable by computer
¤ Software & OS – Phone crashes, unresponsive and itune error message
¤ Sim Ejector – Broken sim tray and cannot eject
¤ Camera/ Video – Blank Screen
¤ Unlocking – Need a little tweak to optimise your network and performance
¤ Chassis Replacement – Color Housing, Sim tray, Button
¤ Cameral Removal – Entrance to restricted area (eg. MINDEF)
¤ Flip / Slide

Advance repair work
( pinkycell is one of the very few in kolkata that are able to diagnose and repair complex issues This can only be achieve with many years of research, experience & equipped
with advance equipments)
¤ Communication IC – Network GSM, Wifi, Bluetooth issue, Missing IMEI
¤ Controller IC – Auto shut down, Start-up failure
¤ Power Management – Overheating and high battery drain
¤ Water Damage


We are the one of the Samsung galaxy, Sony xperia, Micromax , HTC, Nokia,all tablets, iPhone Repair kolkata team located at SP market area. The pinky electronics service repair center in kolkata to offer immediate repair service with original parts for Samsung galaxy,Nokia,all tablets, iPhones & iPads.

We are proud to be the FIRST repair center in Kolkata to repair your Samsung galaxy,Nokia,all tablets, iPhone right in-front of you. Your iPhone is dismantled and the parts are repaired and/or replace right in front of you. We know by doing this it sets your mind at ease. Your data is safe and your privacy secured.

NO Hidden Cost!
NO Labour Cost!
NO Obligation!
FREE Diagnostics!

We provide free diagnosis for all our customers. If we can’t fix it, there is absolutely no charge.

If it is just a mechanical issue such as a connector came loose due to constant dropping of the phone, we will set them back for you free of charge.

Our operating hours:

Tue – Sun: 9am – 9pm
Monday : close

Here are some of the many Samsung galaxy, Sony xperia, Micromax , HTC, Nokia,all tablets, iPhone repair services we offer:

  • Cracked Screen
  • Broken LCD
  • Water Damage
  • Battery Replacements
  • Buttons Dropped Off or Unresponsive
  • Jailbreaking
  • Unlocking
  • and More…!


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PINKY ELECTRONIC SERVICE  assures reliable and genuine repairing of all kinds of mobile phones by experts in the industry using highly sophisticated equipments.

PINKY ELECTRONIC SERVICE provides hi-tech training to repair mobile phones of GSM/CDMA handsets by using highly sophisticated instruments by well qualified and experienced faculty members with an updated syllabus.

As the industry grows, the demand for qualified mobile phone technicians in each and every corner of the world is at its peak. Pinky electronic service has responded adequately to this growing requirement and the Company produced an array of committed and qualified mobile phone technicians.

The facilities available with PINKY ELECTRONIC SERVICE are:-
  • Repairing of all Model Mobile Phones (Hardware and Software)
  • Exclusive Training Institute for Mobile Phone Repairing.
  • Research and Development of various instruments in wireless Industry
  • Manufacturing different equipments used in Mobile Phone Industry
  • Consultancy to start mobile phone related business
  • Supply of experienced mobile phone technicians
  • Helping existing mobile phone technicians to upgrade latest technologies
  • Online support to get latest repairing tips
  • Free recruitment of experienced electronic technicians for kolkata.
  • Developing the largest mobile phone repairing centre network in Asia .


all mobile repairing


 Pinky electronics service or pinkycell.in  one of the First and Exclusive mobile phone repairing center in kolkata has the widest service centre network in India in this field of technology. Established in the year of 1994 at Kolkata ,

Our Mission

The mission of Pinky electronic service  is to attract unemployed youths to become an entrepreneur or an employee in the vast , developing , exciting world of mobile phone technology and communication industry.

The main objective of the company is to create and co-ordinate technical people, to update and upgrade them as per the ever- changing technology and take them “ONE STEP AHEAD”..

We have of of the exclusive and expert team in mobile phone repairing industry in kolkata . We repair Samsung galaxy, Sony xperia, Micromax , HTC, Nokia,all tablets,iphone & ipad etc.

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